Making Commute and Being Stuck in the Middle of Traffic More Productive

It’s easy to think of commuting and being stuck in the middle of traffic as a total waste of time. Whether you’re standing inside the MRT/LRT platform waiting for the next available train, sitting inside your car or in a cab waiting for the traffic light to turn green, or standing up drenched in sweat inside a bus, every minute that ticks by is a minute lost from an already jam-packed day at work. Good news, though, because there are still things you can do to spend that time more productively.

  1. Check and Respond to Work Emails

Thanks to smart phones, you can now easily check and respond to emails on the go. Use the time you’re stuck in the middle of traffic to browse through new emails and responding to those that require your urgent attention.  Be careful before doing so because you wouldn’t want to lose your shiny new iPhone or Android phone to thieves. Always check your surroundings and whip out your phone discreetly so you don’t attract the wrong attention.

  1. Listen to, Read, or Watch the Latest News

Missed the latest news because you left for work early? No worries, use your phone to listen to, read up on, or watch the latest news.  It’ll help you stay up-to-date on what’s happening in and around the world.  Again, just make sure you don’t lose yourself to whatever it is you’re listening, reading, or watching on your phone so you don’t run the risk of losing it to thieves (grr!).

  1. Read an Interesting Book

Looking for something safer to do while commuting? Go read a good book.  You probably still have that book you received last Christmas you haven’t started reading so this is a great time to start chapter 1. If you’re the type that couldn’t stop reading once you start, then just buy a newspaper or a magazine and read those instead.

  1. Make a To-Do List

Commuting is also the perfect time to brainstorm on your to-do list. Plan your activities for the day or for the rest of the week. This will help you organize your time and help you manage your workloads and schedule.

  1. Take a Nap

Leaving early for work probably meant losing an hour or two of precious sleep.  The commute is a good time for a short nap. Just make sure to secure your belongings and don’t go all out on sleeping or you may just miss your stop.

See? You can still be productive while commuting and being stuck in the middle of traffic on your way to work. The activities we suggested are just some of the great ways to pass your time and keep your cool.

Now your turn. Do you know of other productive things to do while travelling to work? We’d love to hear about them. Share them using the comment section below.

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