Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Add Your Boss on Facebook

Hello mga bes! You probably debated about whether or not to send your boss a Facebook friend request, or perhaps accept his/her friend request.  Our advice – don’t! Here’s why.

  1. They’ll Know You’re On Facebook During Working Hours

Uh-oh! Busted! Now, you wouldn’t want your boss to know you checked your Facebook while at work. Just imagine how much trouble you’d get into for using company resources to catch up with a friend or to get the latest news and gossips. It’s just not worth the trouble.

  1. You Can’t Talk Bad About Him/Her or About the Company

Whether we like it or not, we love ranting on Facebook.  If you’d like to continue doing that, then don’t bother adding your boss or accepting his/her friend request.

  1. They’ll Know if You Lied About Missing Work

Got a bad case or hangover or you just had to join your friends on their beach vacation, tough luck! If you’re friends with your boss/es on Facebook, then you can forget about posting that IG-perfect photo real-time. Sure, you can customize your friends list so they don’t get to see what you’re posting but let’s be honest, do you really have the time to do that?

  1. They Can Call You Out for Lying About Missing Work

Imagine the horror of having your boss/es comment on your photo or worst, calling you out for lying about not being able to report for work! If you don’t want to be in any of that situation, then you shouldn’t be thinking about adding or accepting a friend request from your superior/s.

  1. They Can Have Access to All Your Previous Posts

If you didn’t clean up your Facebook before joining the company, chances are anyone you’re friends with will have access to all your past posts.  Your boss/es can easily go through your all you status posts and you wouldn’t want that.

Of course mga bes, if you’re a good employee and you have no plans of using Facebook at work or saying anything bad about your boss/es or lying about missing work, you’ve got nothing to fear.

At the end of the day, it’s all about professionalism and about your culture in the office.  Just remember though that it’s easier not to be friends with your boss/es so there is no way you ever get in trouble for something you post online.

Should you really feel that you need to add your boss/es (for whatever reason) or feel bad about not accepting their friend request, just remember to be cautious with what you write on your Facebook wall.  Think twice about what you’re posting and never post when you’re angry or upset. Facebook is not worth losing your job over.

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