Era’s Rainy Day Guide When Commuting for Work


Let’s face it, bes.  Commuting during the rainy season is 100 times harder than commuting on a regular day.  It’s especially harder when you’re wearing your favorite OOTD for work! Well, we’re not about to let the weather rain on our parade, would we? Check out our guide on how you can make commuting to work more bearable and almost hassle-free through this rainy season:

  1. Always bring extra slippers or bota. Non-stop rains mean unavoidable flood. Do not forget to bring extra footwear to effortlessly chase that bus you need to get into as well as to protect your feet when wading through dirty floodwater.
  2. Always bring your rain gears. Never leave the house without bringing at least an umbrella or rain coat. Just remember to avoid shaking rain off your rain gears into tiled building lobbies and public places for it may cause accident. When riding a public vehicle, make sure that your umbrella doesn’t drip on other people as well. In other words, be courteous.
  3. Always keep your phone charged. You will never know when you’ll get stranded on bus/jeepney/UV terminals so keep your phone charged before heading home. Better yet, get a powerbank. An adequately charged phone can help you inform your loved ones about your whereabouts without them worrying needlessly.  The rain can also put you in the middle of an unforeseen emergency and communication is vital during should that happen.
  4. Always leave on time. Rush hours are definitely stressful. Leaving on time ensures you don’t have to go through the long queue on transport terminals. Leave early in the morning, before 6 AM and a little bit late in the evening, after 7 PM.
  5. Always prepare extra clothes. You might get soaked in the rain and then ride a full air-conditioned bus which could result to cold or worse, flu. It is important to bring an extra pair of clothes so you won’t get sick or feel uncomfortable while commuting.
  6. Watch where you walk. Be wary of slippery areas, most especially if you’re taking the LRT. Hand-railings are there to keep you from falling so make use of them.
  7. Always have pocket first-aid kid. There’s nothing wrong with commuting to work prepared for anything. Assemble a pocket first-aid kit containing a small bottle of alcohol, some Band-Aids, and maybe a bottle of water and crackers so that you don’t get thirsty or hungry in case you’re stranded.
  8. Always check the weather forecast. Listen to the weather forecast before commuting. While it may be scorching hot when you leave home, the weather can become unpredictable so always keep with you your trusty rain gears. Download a weather app on your phone so you can check the weather all the time wherever you are.
  9. Always keep tabs of emergency hotlines.  Print out or write down on a piece of paper emergency numbers. Memorize your family’s contact numbers so in case your phone goes dead or inoperable during an emergency, you’ll be able to get in touch with them still.

As a final piece of advice, when commuting gets tough, stay on high grounds away from electric posts and raging floodwater. Pick a safe and if possible, comfortable place and notify your family of your whereabouts right away so they don’t worry too much. Lastly, always take care.

Credits to for the original guide from which this blog entry was loosely based.

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